EP 28 - 14 NOV 2016

click the link.. get it

EP 27 - 27 DEC 2013

I know I know...... its been 2 years in the making.. i really did take my time.. thats cos i didnt have time. ive started a new career so thats been taking most of my time. anyways here it is!!

01. Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard, BT feat. Angela McCluskey - In The Air (Extended Mix)
02. BT - Flaming June (Jaytech vs. James Grant Remix)
03. UMEK - Unclear Mechanics (Original Club Mix)
04. Phunk Investigation, Schuhmacher - From The Dust (Original Mix)
05. Markus Schulz - Away feat. Sir Adrian (Extended Remix)
06. Cosmic Gate - The Theme
07. Ferry Corsten - Punk (Arty Rock-N-Rolla Mix)
08. Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Sander Van Dien Remix)
09. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft - Tracking Treasure Down Revisited (Dyro Remix)
10. First State Feat Sarah Howells - Reverie (First States Pounding Club Mix)
11. Robert Miles - Children (Inpetto Remix 2008)
12. Ost & Meyer - Safari (Maor Levi Remix)
13. Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix)
14. Mord Fustang - Something Right Meow (Original Mix)
15. Deadmau5 - Suckfest9001
16. Hardwell, Amba Shepherd - Apollo (Original Mix)
17. TyDi - Good Dream (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)


cue file for ep 26 made.

here it is.... cue file

episode 26 (26-07-2011)

finally.. its done. can't make a 26 link up top cos i've ran out of room.. so i'm building a new website. =) download available only from this main page.. here it is. DOWNLOAD

01. Kaskade & Deadmau5 VS. Michael Woods - Move For First Aid (Kaskade Mash Up)
02. Adam K feat Naan - Wake Up (Morgan Page Remix)
03. Angus And Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane (Adam G Remix)
04. D.E.R. and Julius Beat - Our Feeling (KhoMha Remix)
05. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Thing Called Love (Andrew Bayer Club Mix)
06. Nicky Romero - Solar (Original Mix)
07. Sultan & Ned Shepard Ft. Nadia Ali - Call My Name (Spencer & Hill Remix)
08. Tritonal Feat Cristina Soto - Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)
09. Red Carpet, Hardwell - Alright 2010 feat. Hardwell (Original Mix)
10. Adele vs. Brian Matrix - Rolling in The Deep (Massive Remix)
11. Wynter Gordon - Til Death (R3hab Mix)
12. Chris Lake & Nelski - Minimal Life (Original Mix)
13. Spencer & Hill - Cantina (Bastian Van Shield Mix)
14. Chris Lake & Nelski - Colours (Original Mix)
15. Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios - Hey (Chris Lake & Lys Vocal)

DOWNLOAD (right click save as)... or click, what ever works..

74:40 _at_ 102 MB

lol mix cd for download

made a spur of the moment lol mix cd invoilving 12 random tunes i was picking out one after another during the mix.. uplaoded it to zippyshare and rapidshare

01. Lovebirds - In The Shadows
02. Format B - Gospel (Super Flu's Antichrist Remix)
03. Markus Schulz Feat Sir Adrian - Away
04. Alexis Jordan - Happiness (Deadmau5 Extended Mix)
05. Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix)
06. Swedish House Mafia - One (Your Name) (Extended Version Feat. Pharrell)
07. Morgan Page feat. Lissie - The Longest Road (Morgan Page Full Vox Mix)
08. Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
09. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann and Stephan Bodzin dub)
10. Bertie Blackman - Town of sorrow (Mic Newman remix)
11. Planet Funk - Chase the Sun (Vinayak^a Mix)
12. Zoo Brazil - Brown


EPISODE 25 - 01/01/11

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Sorry took my time.... been a busy year, I hope this mix is good enough to make up for lost time.. here's the tracklist, GO NUTS DOWNLOAD IT !!

01. Ron Caroll - Bump to This (Muzzaik Remix)
02. Three 'N One pres Johnny Shaker - Reflect (Niels Van Gohj vs Sunloverz Remix)
03. Timothy Allan - Angry Birds Remix
04. Serge Devant and Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You (Way Out Remix)
05. BT feat. JES - Every Other Way (George Acosta Remix)
06. Faithless - Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix)
07. JES - Awaken (Dragon & Jontron & Manufactured Superstars Remix)
08. Lange feat. Betsie Larkin - All Around Me (Joseph Areas Remix)
09. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
10. Andrew Bennett - Adagio For Strings
11. Tom Novy - I Know U Want it (Da Fresh Remix)
12. Cosmic Gate - The Drums (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mofo Remix)
13. Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix)

EPISODE 24..... yep.... :-)

it's been a while.. a lot has been happening since my last episode 'till now. thailand, new years, new investments, more travelling, and of course my day job which comes at first priority.. so the free time i've been having has been at a very minimal. anyways.. cut to the chase, here it is!! episode 24 =) i went for a massive mashup feel.. reason being, the full moon party in thailand was a huge inspiration to my musical tastes.. and i just heard shit there that i would not hear anywhere in the world! i also included one of my very own mashups Orkidea vs Marco V - Unprepared Metaverse (zaim mashup 2010) which can be downloaded by click on it.. anyhoo, n-joy! ♥


i figured that i may as well squeeze in one more mix before i head to thailand on the 26th of nov.. this is going to be my last mix of 2009!! and i did not waste any time at all in the making of it.. i think this my best work yet! it's driving, hard, soft, emotional, inspiration, everything! here it is.. enjoy!!

you'll notice in the track list there is (zaim cut) in quite a few of the tracks.. well i've shortened them ever so slightly to provide my listeners the maximum possible entertainment without getting bored.

also don't be shy to email me on what your thoughts are on my mixes, or any other enquiries.

oh and one more thing, thanks to everyone who's donated! thank youuuuuuuu

EPISODE 22.. ready!

this year has been an AMAZING year for music!! in every genre possible, we've seen and heard nothing but fresh new talent, fresh new sound! it's great to hear new small guys making it out on the scene with the big guys... you can never start from the top, but you can sure get yourself there quick!

anyways EPISODE 22 is a screeeeeeeeaaaamer!!!! hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did spending the months hunting down tracks lol =)) dont forget to join my facebook fan page for constant updates!! - 10-October-2009

EPISODE 21! 21-07-2009

episode 21 is already up for grabs people!!!! my first ever 2 episodes in 1 month! this episode has a more progressive trance feel to it, something defintiely not worth ignoring.

reason for the quick release is that.. this episode i was mwant to release as episode 20, but i kinda got carried away with the techno scene way too much and had to make something which tickled my balls! anyways here it is!

download episode 21 here

01. Adam K & Soha - Who Cares Really (Original Mix)
02. Chicane feat. Marie Brenhan - Saltwater 2009 (Paul Thomas Mix)
03. Faithless feat. Cass Fox - Music Matters (Mark Knight Remix)
04. Dinka - Civilisation (Original Mix)
05. Redroche - No More Sunrise
06. Leventina - Naked (Original Mix)
07. Nic Chagall - What You Need (Marco V Remix)
08. Adam K & Soha - Long Distance (TyDi Remix)
09. EDX - Casa Grande (Original Mix)
10. Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel 2009 (Spencer & Hill Remix)
11. Passanger 10 - Mirage (EDX 5un5hine Remix)
12. Rank 1 - L.E.D There Be Light (Wippenberg Remix)
13. Wippenberg - Chakalaka (Venaccio Remix)

Website is BACK UP!

would like to just give myself a warm welcome back! *wb*

this site has been reborn, and slightly modified.. all links working up above there, with all episodes updated..

thanks for putting up with the old pos site, lol.. I have a fan page on facebook.. feel free to join it for all the updates on mixes and what not! I'm also on myspace.. not so popular nowerdays with the whole twitter and facebook thing, but its still there strong :-) so don't be shy to add me!

also dont forget to grab my latest EPISODE 20 !!! it's a banger!

~2007 news

Episode 15 - quality!

25-09-2007 - progressive sounds, bassy beats, minimal style.. this is one mix i can happily play on repeat in my car for some time. download is available, just click there. or here.

01. Jørgensen - Untitled (Deadmau5 Remix)
02. Quivver - Dancing In Dark Rooms (Quivver Dub)
03. Solee - Impressed (Schatz & Wickinger Remix)
04. Deadmau5 - Not Exactly (Original Mix)
05. Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Original Mix)
06. Roland Klinkenberg & DJ Remy - Mexico Can Wait (Original Mix)
07. Cirez D - Horizons
08. The Freelance Hellraiser - Weightlessness (Puzique Mix)
09. Julian Jewell - Air Conditionné (Umek Remix)
10. Dogzilla - Frozen (Wippenberg Remix)
11. Mark Sherry vs Terry Ferminal - Walk Away (Terry Ferminal Remix)
12. Marcus Schossow, Thomas Segstad - Moog Me (Original Mix)
13. Adam K and Soha - Twilight (Original Mix)
14. Nic Chagall - Borderline (Original Mix)

Episode 14 is..... . .

..pretty fkn good! and finished. i went for a very vocal progressive trance style to it. each track has their own distinct sound to it. heaps of emotion was put into all these tracks, which i carefully selected for this latest mix of mine.

go to the download page here or download it directly by right clicking here and saving as.

i love all the feedback i've been previously getting in my email with my mixes, and want to hear more and more from you guys. =)


01. New Order - Crystal (Lee Combs Dub)
02. Firo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem (Nic Chagall Remix)
03. Nic Chagall - What You Need (Ncs Prelectric mix)
04. Ronald Van Gelderen - Realize
05. Kyau vs Albert - Always a Fool (Club mix)
06. Meck feat. Dino Lenny - Feels Like Home (Marco V Remix)
07. Marco V - Possible But Unlikely (Original Mix)
08. Cerf and Mitiska and Jaren - Light the Skies (Retrobyte Remix)
09. Darude - Tell Me - Heikki L Powerhouse Remix)
10. Lustral - I Wonder Where You Are (Jaytech Remix)
11. The Egg - Nothing (Cicada Remix)
12. The Killers - Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Remix)
13. Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez - Light of Hop


Episode 13 'wow' now!

episode 13 is finally finished and complete guys! I've blended it up with some new vocal trance, and some crazy remixes by sean tyas! i hope you all enjoy this as much as I did creating it =)

DIRECT DOWNLOAD, right click, and save the file as.. or save link as, depending which browser you use.

Cue FIle: yes.

CD Cover: yes.

File Size: 99.7mb

Running Time: 72:39


01. Richard Durand vs Cassandra Fox - Touch Me vs Sunhump (Richard Durand Remix)
02. Kirsty Hawhshaw meets Tenishia - Outsiders (Jose Amnesia Remix)
03. Super8 & DJ Tab - Needs to Feel (Wippenberg Remix)
04. Leon Boiler Presents Precursor - Lyra (Leon Boiler Remix)
05. Maor Levi - Reflect
06. Kyau vs. Albert - Kiksu (Original Mix)
07. Mikka Leinonen - Illusion (Eddie Sender Remix)
08. Will Holland vs. Six Senses - Frantic (Syan Tyas Remix)
09. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder (Robert Nickson Remix)
10. Bobina feat. Elles De Graaf - Lighthouse (Sean Tyas Dub Mix)
11. Delerium - Angelicus (Andy Moor Remix)
12. Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Re:Locate Remix)


DIRECT DOWNLOAD, right click, and save the file as.. or save link as, depending which browser you use.

Cue FIle: yes.

CD Cover: yes.

File Size: 103mb

Running Time: 75:22


01. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Topher Jones & Blake Jarrell Remix)
02. Gabriel and Dresden feat Jan Burton - Dangerous Power (Discount Rhino Rucky Dubber Mix)
03. Johan Gielen - Revelations (Estefan Folsch Remix)
04. Roy Gates - Midnight Sun (Electro Remix)
05. C-Jay & Eelke Kleijn - Hinterglem (Brisker and Magitman Remix)
06. Moby - Go (Trentemøller Remix)
07. Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary
08. Robbie Rivera feat Justine Suissa - Float Away (Deep Dish Dubfires Casaplex Remix)
09. Cara Dillon Vs. 2devine - Black is the Colour (Coco & Green Remix)
10. M.A.N.D.Y. Vs. Booka Shade - Body Language (Tocadisco Remix)
11. Cass Fox - Touch Me (Tom Neville Remix)
12. Niels Van Gogh vs Eniac - Pulverturm 2.0 (Eric Smax and Thomas Gold Remix)
13. JayMem - Ooh La Lishious (Extended Remix)
14. Sophie Ellis Bextor - Catch You (Digital Dog Club Mix)


"A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order." --Wiikipedia

so I wanna get myself a little more noticed, and a little big more recognized. so what better way than a simple blog which i will update regularly about my news and other stories.

click the picture above to go straight to it. at the moment it's very simple, bland, but once its gets a little more advanced, it will be the new

(dont worry, all downloads will remain.. etc etc etc :))



11-01-2007 - ok guys and gals and todlers of all ages. the genre for my episode 12 will be a funky progressive house style. it's kinda been the going genre the past 4 to 8 months around the club dance scene, so i thought i'd hit it up a little and please you guys a little more this year =)


14-11-2006 - fInally guys, my a state of zaim episode 11 is now FINISHED! simply click on the eleven 11 up top or click HERE to go straight to it!


01. Cass Fox - Touch Me (spencer and hill full length mix)
02. IIO - Is It Love (starkillers remix)
03. Jussi Polet - Positive (supermodels from paris remix)
04. BigTop - Tidal (original mix)
05. Marco V - Arpanet
06. Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine (markus schulz remix)
07. Markus Schulz and Gabriel & Dresden and Departure - Without You Near (morgan page remix)
08. Ronski Speed - The Space We Are (john O callghan remix)
09. Above & Beyond - Good For Me (thomas datt remix)
10. Gabriel & Dresden feat Jan Burton - Dangerous Power (gabriel & dresden extended mix)
11. Lili Hayden - Anything (gabriel & dresden e-string mix)
12. Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (sander van doorn remix)
13. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (menno de jong durban 06 mix)


lol.. as you can see i sometimes change my main picture.. this picture was taken at my good friend ugurs 21st dress-up birthday party. one of the greatest nights of the year... if i can recall most of it lol.. i mainly spun retro that night, as alcohol got in the way :D


i'm.on.myspace! .... meh

myspace is the new thing going on, on the web. just a massive place where people can meet new people, exchange words, thoughts, stories what ever. i just thought i'd sign up. just click here to check out my profile, or simply add me as your friend :)!

31-07-2006 - i just bought an ipod video! black! and hey, these are some pretty nifty little gadgets! i used to own a shuffle, but i lost it. figures heh. now i can listen to my mixes as well as the other talent which have emailed me over the past few months for me to review their mix. keep them coming =)

episode.10 is here!

10-07-2006 - another day, another state of zaim. episode 10 is finally complete guys! i know i had many of you guys constantly asking me on when my next state of zaim will be released and i said soon, well soon is now gone, because it is now here!! it's filled with the latest trance tracks which will get any rocker banging on their feet from the sounds of this sweet ass mix! enjoy guys! download here!


01. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Mark Sherry's 2006 Outburst Intro Mix)
02. John O Collaghan and Kearney - Restricted Motion (Airbase Remix)
03. Thomas Datt - Evaporation (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
04. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me 2006
05. Arizona vs. Suzy Solar - Samuri (Assure Remix)
06. Kamui - Victory (Virus Inc. Mix)
07. Sandra Flyn - Rocking (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
08. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (Maori Remix)
09. Maor Levi - Shining (Original Mix)
10. Luminary - Wasting (Ronski Speed Remix)
11. Ronski Speed vs. Oceanlab feat. Justine Suissa - E.O.S. Satellite (Laptop Dj Mashup)
12. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Sonicvibe Presents Vardan Bootleg)
13. Karen Overton vs. Pryda - Your Loving Arms vs Aftermath (Bootleg)


08-07-2006 - clubbersradio have been around for a while now and have promised to deliver valuable streams at no cost to you. clubbersradio have 24/7 streams available for both winamp and windows media player at a reasonable bitrate for anyone to enjoy. for more info and instant streams, simply click here.

EPISODE.10 ??????

03-06-2006 - ok.... episode 10 is in production, and it's gonna be the style of episode 8.. TRANCE!! and it's quite good trance too, all new tracks, all new suprises.


27-05-2006 - finally, my a state of zaim episode 9 has been finished. and yes, with a twist... the genre is house this time :) here is the download and here is the tracklist.


play duckhunt!!


welcome to my a state of zaim website. up the top there are my episodes, 1 through to 9.. 9 will be coming out soon, so enjoy 1 through to 8. each link has tracklists displayed so you can decide weather you want to download it or not. enjoy guys, these mixes are here for you :-)

episode.9. 2 - 4 - 06

almost on it's way guys... i'm still contemplating on weather to go with a house/electro mix this episode or just stick with the trance... what do you guys think... any ideas? email me here if you got any ideas for a new a state of zaim :-)


i'm quite happy with my episode 8. it's very trancy and the track selection is very promising to the ears. i spent some time in making it, so the mixing is quite plausible. you can find the track list here of my episode 8. enjoy :-)


just decided to update the website a little... the other one wasn't bad, it had nothing wrong with it.. but i just thought hey what the hell, lets spice it up just that little bit. enjoy.. also don’t forget to right click and save target as :-) my old site is still available if you'd still like to remember how it was heh..


01. Deep Dish feat Stevie Nicks - Dreams (Axwell Mix)
02. The Cranberries - Shattered (Arctic Quest Bootleg)
03. Thomas Bronzwaer - Close Horison (Original Mix)
04. Inertia - The Chamber (Original Mix)
05. Duende - Ilimitado
06. Re:Locate - Absoluum
07. Mike Koglin - The Silence 2005 (Original 12 inch)
08. Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World (Original Mix)
09. Andy Moor - Halcyon (Alex Morph Remix)
10. Airbase - Escape
11. Ole Van Bohm - Journey to Endor (Lost Witness Remix)
12. John O Callaghan - Chameleon (Blue Mix)
13. Filo and Peri feat. Fisher - Closer Now (Catching the Sun Mix)